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Thank you!
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Wednesday, October 1, 2014


I put out this post on Facebook this morning:  I know it's early, but we need to make a decision  to reserve the space. How many would be interested in the location for the Feb 7th 2nd Annual QOV Sew In to be at the College Church, on Seminary and Washington, in Wheaton? Just need to get an idea of interest. This spot I need to know of an interest cause we need to let them know by next Tuesday.

So, now we have a possibility of maybe 5 locations for the 2nd Annual QOV Sewing Day!  Please let me hear from you as to (1) the location in Wheaton, we need to know by next Tuesday.  Peggy is working on the (2) JoAnn's in Schaumburg.  Chris Sass, from (3) in Willowbrook;  and Kelly, from  (4) Sewing  Etc., Yorkville are in.   Caron is working on the (5) Batavia location we had last year.  Now remember, we will also need someone to be in charge! 

Just a reminder;   Last year the QOV Foundation had everyone register with the phone you will have with you or be near and also the quilt shops or locations are registered as well.  They had prizes..Marilyn S who was sewing with us in Naperville got one of those calls.  She won a pkg of batting.  The grand prize was a longarm.  AND one of our quilt shops said, I can give out prizes!  and I have a few "things" I can prize up too! 

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