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Thank you!
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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Clarifying...QOV Membership, February 7 Sewing Day,

Clarification time,,,, I will stop using the word "register"   IF you want to sign up for membership to QOVFoundation, and you want group...Land of Lincoln QOV, that is, I have to sign you up.  It is set up for State Coordinators to do this.  It is $5 and you can get that to me.  Otherwise you pay the $20 for individual membership.  NOTE, if you have any questions, pls Private Message or email me.

Now the February 7 sew in..that is different and know QOV membership is NOT necessary for you to join us on that day.  Locally, we would like you to let us know which of our 6 locations you plan on attending so we have enough kits/fabric with us.  To do that,  on Our Illinois Quilts of Valor Facebook page, go up to Events, and post.  People who are not on Facebook, just either leave a comment here, or email me.  Our location leaders can pull the names for our locations.  Also, if you would like to get in on the all-day drawings for prizes, sign up at the QOVF,org website.  Again, any questions, call, email, or PM me. Last year they had a longarm that they "prized" someone!

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