Thank you!

Thank you!
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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Ready?!!! Spent some time putting this together, so here goes. Sew in Reminder Notice, Tuesday, January 5th.: As you may have heard the Batavia group is merging with the St. Charles group. Thank you, Debby Frane (St. Charles leader), for making this happen. Our new location is at the St. Charles Moose located at 2250 Rt 38 (across from Meyer), first Tuesdays of the month.. Doors open at 10 AM. Door open to us is the one facing Rt 38. Not much parking in front of those doors...PLEASE leave me a know how many trips I take with all the STUFF! Drop off your stuff and park to the west of the building.

Those who have projects to work on, fine, bring them along. We will be having a "cutting session", a backing group and a batting group as well. Bring your SHARP rotary cutters, scissors, rulers and those with the Accu cutters are bringing those along with dies and mats.(mark your supplies!!!!) And thank you for the reminder! Please bring surge protectors or extension cords!!

I would also ask that you bring in your calendars. We have dates to discuss and I need your help. Lunch? I need to find a volunteer to take care of lunch details. You should see what all I pack...taking two cars this time (Thank you, Dorothy) and I'll be the first to say, lunch is not on that list!! I say do what you want Tuesday and let's discuss then what you all want to do. Majority rules!! As a matter of fact, with the loss of our Batavia location, I am seeking more volunteers to help me with some more of the tasks. AND you have to know I'll have one foot out the door...Wednesday we are to welcome our new GRANDSON!

2015 was great thanks to all of you dedicated volunteers. People just coming up and asking what can I do! That is music to my ears. It didn't take us long to find a new place AND what I love about it, everyone is on board! See you Tuesday. Debby Frane, if I forgot anything, jump right in!

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