Thank you!

Thank you!
Thank a Veteran each and every day

Monday, August 1, 2016

See you at the Moose tomorrow. 10 AM -???

We're meeting at the Moose in St Charles Tuesday, August 2nd, 10-.....Please bring along nice long scissors. We need to do some bundling....batting, backings with tops; and of course your sewing machines and quilting tools. Great Lakes personnel are planning to be there...picking up QOVs for the next RWW.

AND, Thursday, August 4 is the first QOV sew in at Aunt Sassys, 11 N First St., Geneva, 11-4

Like to keep you abreast of what's coming up.  Note:   These are upcoming requests...not to mention the outstanding requests we have from Foundation that must come first.  Takes time coordinating between parties.   * indicates committed.  Last two don't have exact count or date yet.  **committed but we need quilts to do entire.

RWW  August                              -45
Honor Guard N Chicago              -21
Roncalli HS Reunion                    -18 Vietnam Veterans
**Korean Veterans - October           -50
 Veterans week:
Freeport HS                                    -6
Rotary Club Naperville                  -12
*Vietnam Wall Oswego June           -12
Harvey, IL Homeless Veterans         ?

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