Thank you!

Thank you!
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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Making Quilts Tuesday, May 16, VFW, Montgomery

We have a few tops to bundle and a LOT of cutting to do!!  I'll tell you more of the "kitting" opportunity we have coming up.  See you Tuesday, 9:30-????

This week's happenings:
On Friday, May 5th, Judge Mike H. from the Skokie Municipal District, awarded our quilts. He wrote: "It was AWESOME. It was awesome because of the participation of quilts of valor. I swear I get emotional just talking to the group about it before we even quilt them. I gave a few minutes on what QOV is all about as well as the fact that they went above and beyond in getting these quilts made as well as delivered. Thanks Ms. Schulze and I hope your mom's health is improving." And thank you from us, Beverly Schuetz Schulze for all the schlepping you do for us!

And, Sue and I were in Niles on Tuesday:
Roger wrote:  This is from this mornings presentation from Quilts of Valor Illinois by Rita Pennington and another lady with her. It was really very moving for ALL of us Vietnam Veterans and we want to thank everyone that makes these Quilts for Veterans. Just Wonderful we are all a buzz about receiving them. Going to make 4 more presentations tonight at our VVA Chapter #242 meeting and will post them also. These four were not at coffee this morning, and two tomorrow at the office where I work with two more Veterans one a Woman Desert Storm and the other a Vietnam Veteran a MP.

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