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Thank you!
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Monday, June 5, 2017

June 6, Sew In

Sew-in Reminder Notice...Moose Lodge, St. Charles, Tuesday, June 6, 9:30-??? Remember to bring in the cuttings. If you are not going to be there tomorrow, email me with your count so I can get these done prior to our Chicago event.  We won't be having a sew-in in July. Big possibility that Leslie won't be there this month but I'm to remind you: " If you are going to remind people about scraps, please tell them I do NOT collect scraps except for those generated at our QOV gathering. If they have their own scraps they must make a dog bed out of them and if they bring that In August I will get it to Anderson Animal Shelter. I can also bring fabric to make bed cases in August if they don't have any."

If you need a kit from me, please email me this morning as I am packing the car.

A HUGE thank you to Mary Ellen Middleton for the generous fabric donation yesterday. See you all Tuesday!

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