Thank you!

Thank you!
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Saturday, April 21, 2018

From Deb S:
A ceremony was held on Friday 20 APR 2018 in recognition of Volunteer Appreciation Week, to celebrate and recognize the Mentors of the Veterans Treatment and Assistance Court (VTAC) from the 19th Judicial Circuit Court in Lake County, IL.
Of the nine mentors present, eight were awarded Quilts of Valor (one had already received one). Three mentors not in the courtroom on Friday will be awarded their quilts during their next mentor meeting.
In my remarks, I commented that they often see the graduates of VTAC receive a quilt and probably wonder 'why can't I get a quilt, I'm a veteran.' I then said - 'Today, we're awarding quilts to you, the mentors!'
They were very appreciative of receiving the quilts and one mentor who was a Vietnam vet remarked to me, "It was so nice to hear 'welcome home'."
(FYI - One mentor who is not a veteran, did receive a patriotic quilt - not labeled or called a Quilt of Valor. In my notes in Trello I mentioned that one of the mentors was not a veteran - and her quilt was not included in the number of quilts awarded.)
I've attached a photo. Many people were taking photos, event an 'official' event photographer.
I also received a certificate of appreciation, signed by Judge Christopher Stride, the judge in Veterans court.
Congratulations, Deb, and thank you for representing us at the ceremony. I love this program.

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