Thank you!

Thank you!
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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Yesterday's cut in & Happy Easter

Well, that went VERY well. Something to look forward to at our next sew in---Janet will be showing us Jodie Barrow's method of Square in a Square using Method 1. We cut and made up a few kits for the sew in and those who have the special ruler should bring their rulers with them. As in my case, you might want to go thru your rulers and be surprised--it might be one of them rulers you have but have never used and forgot about. Now is the time!! It's amazing how quick these blocks made up. Check out some of the videos at her site:

Also, we need to get some funds for supplies. I hope to be able to purchase thread and backing fabric soon! A lot of time is spent on piecing the fronts of these quilts, we definitely don't want to be piecing backings as well. It sure would be nice to have coordinating fabrics to go along with our scrappy quilts somehow. So have signature squares so that we can have our friends, family sign and give a donation once they know and hear what we're doing. So, those who help in this fundraiser, I'll get you thread and hopefully some blades! Of course these signature blocks will be made up into Quilts of Valor as well. And, the raffle quilt is ready--I want to have pictures available so we can sell raffle tickets and again, fund our needs to keep on making these quilts for the troops.

For those who celebrate Easter, have a Happy Easter, and for those celebrating Passover as well.


PS...we have several tops ready for quilting. If you have time to do a few of these, THANK YOU!!

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