Thank you!

Thank you!
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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Guild today

Wow, that was worth waiting for. Had a great speaker at guild today. What a hoot! And a nice lunch with friends...can't beat that!

But I got to brag about my guilds.... If you don't belong to one, join one and I can give you a good one (or two) to join! This guild had a retreat a couple weeks ago and the lady in charge called me prior and asked "what can we do?" (QOV, that is) Well, long story short she came and picked up a couple bags of squares that just needed assembling and a few kits. Today at show n tell---great!

Now, Ms. Anonymous, from my other guild, called me on the Troy sale day a few weeks ago and asked me, Rita, what do you want? asking a kid in a candy store and she brought over the fabric and again, another GREAT! Needless to say, just add that to my "thankful for" list! Just to let you know, there ARE a lot of people in this great state of Illinois who are behind our troops!!!

Looking forward to Tuesday---our next scheduled sew-in.

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