Thank you!

Thank you!
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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

September Sew-in

That went very well!!!  I used to give you a tally of what came in, but some of the tops that came in for binding--went to binders!  Some of the tops that came in needing backings----went to Dorothy who is getting that done.  I did come home with 10 totally completed tops---that's awesome!

Here are a few pictures of our show and tell:

 Donna did a great job on this.  A great way to use our scraps!
 Log cabins from last month.
 And a couple strip piecing ideas.
Next month we will be strip piecing.

About our trip to Great Lakes:  Just now waiting for confirmation from the Captain.  Told of our desire to get there a little earlier.  Will keep you posted.  If there is anyone else that wants to go, let me know.  I'm working on a "little" room in my car so we can all car pool with someone...including myself.

Thank you for all the donated fabric and the generous check.  You know it all just "happens" for me at the sew-in---it's when I get home and start unpacking that it really sinks in!!

Next month we will have the drawing for the "opportunity" quilt, so bring in any tickets.

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