Thank you!

Thank you!
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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Last day at show today.

Been going great. Tons of interest in making quilts. Really have a huge interest in the far north east of the state! Lake County...someone need help in getting a group started, I'll help you in any way. We had a few longarmers come by ..One did take a top and backing and the other will be picking up at the shop!! OHHHH..highlight was two presentations! More on that and pictures later. The sewing machines were humming. Didn't get the count of blocks from yesterday, but had over 40 blocks on Thursday. We went thru almost 3 bags of strings. Yes, we sorted last night and have fresh strings for today! Hope to see you at the show. We were given a great location!
Just got a nice note from one of our recipients: I'm still weak-kneed from the presentation you made to me today of my wonderful QOV! "What a thrill! As promised, the pictures your friend shot with my camera. Would you please give me the address/pertinents about the Batavia meeting (I believe you said it was Tuesday) including time. I will see if I can make it......"Boyd C

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