Thank you!

Thank you!
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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Notes from today's Sew In!

I just can't say enough about our sew-ins. One just out does the other. Have to tell you, Gary usually empties my car. His comment, got to be the first time you came home with less than you took! All those scraps...AND, Kathy Janik follows me home to get more!! Dedication plus!! Not to mention the ladies who stayed after to work on the quilt from last month. 

AND, we had a guest.  Boyd Cook, a QOV recipient at the Schaumburg Show came with his computer and showed us some ideas for embroidery.  Yeah, we can keep him busy!!  More to come with Boyd...he has some great ideas for Northern Illinois Quilters!!

So, here is some show and tell from today.

Top made from blocks by Cowherd Middle School students


AND, thank you, Pattie for today's star block.

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