Thank you!

Thank you!
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Friday, June 13, 2014

Sew In Reminder

Sewing Etc., Yorkville is the place, 10 AM is the time!

As you read (or not) we have two new QOV sew-ins starting up next month...AND as of this morning, maybe yet another further North!!  So, a lot of behind the scenes going on and I will forward as soon as I know and what I know.  Bring in what you have from previous months and we'll have kits for blocks and strings. 

Would like to have your thoughts on patterns.  We're ready to bring back any patterns from the past that you enjoyed doing...OR if you have a pattern you think would work with the group, do tell.  I've got the fabric here, you could come and pick out what would work with the pattern and cut it up and let's do it!!

Batavia Quilt show is coming  July 18-20th (  Would love to have your help at the show.  Let me know your availability. 
See ya Tuesday, Rita

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