Thank you!

Thank you!
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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sew In Reminder Notice and.............

Our next meeting at Prairie Star Quilt Shop, Batavia, is Tuesday, March 3rd.  We have a "special guest" coming.  If you have projects started, bring those to work on.  We need sewing machines!  There are only a couple posts for pressing and a couple cutting locations.  If no room to sit and sew, one usually opens up after a couple hours or so.

Following is a well-thought up note from our Elgin group.  They have been bundling our tops with backings and batting:  

We respect the desire to thank our military in the quilts you work diligently to make.

Frequently we get tops that are undersized or oversized. 

The minimum size for a Quilt of Valor is 55" x 65" after quilting and binding.  If a top comes in at that measurement or less on either side, after quilting it will be undersized.  Quilting causes shrinkage.  It is necessary for someone to add a border, adding another step before we can send it to be quilted.

While much larger tops are acceptable Quilts of Valor, there are some factors to consider.
Larger tops require more batting and backing, adding up to more of a drain on our funds.  The long arm quilters are volunteers and a large quilt requires more of their time and expense.  It also costs you the piecer more time and money.  Most of our quilts are presented in groups.  It is awkward to have one recipient get a huge quilt while others receive a lap size one.

When you plan a quilt a good rule of thumb is 58" wide and 68" long.

See you Tuesday!

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