Thank you!

Thank you!
Thank a Veteran each and every day

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A good recheck and news on funding!

I want to remind everyone of the minimum size of a Quilt of Valor. The Top: Width 55” to 72” by length 65” to 90”. Please no smaller--no larger. Go to the site and find all the basic information listed. Also, we must do our best on these quilts as our war heroes are doing for us!! Recheck that 1/4" seam...make sure you're connecting. Bindings aren't just slapped on. Trust me, if the border is "waving" at ya, it's a quilter's nightmare!! If you're not sure on how to put on a border, we can have a demo.

I hope you're enjoying this weather! Oh, and I've got a lead on having a table to raise funds for supplies. For those who just can't make it to our sew-ins but REALLY want to help, well, maybe you can. This summer we are in need of some help for Saturday mornings and a few hours on Wednesday afternoons. You can call or email me for more information and hopefully, I'll have a schedule soon. For now, if you have access to a tent---just big enough to cover a large table and a couple chairs, please let me know.

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