Thank you!

Thank you!
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Monday, December 12, 2011

Make Room for Pam!

got a story to share. We have been making QOV's for the Great Lakes (Midwest) RWW programs these past couple years. My contact people from Great Lakes have come and gone. Remember Pam who came out to pick up quilts for their January RWW at our last sew-in last Monday. She came alone and really mingled with everyone---had lunch with us, etc. Well, I spoke with her this morning and just asked, so what do you think! She said on her way home she called her sister in NJ who just recently retired and told her...ya gotta do this! She proceeded to tell me she had once quilted and went home and told her husband all about the sew-in. He said, so, when are we buying one of them (Longarm) machines! So, I said to her, so the next time you come out to pick up quilts, should we set up a machine for you? SURE she said, I'd love to!!

Ha, just wait till that Major comes out again!

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