Thank you!

Thank you!
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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Updates from Beloit

On November 10, 2011 I along with 3 ladies from the Scrapbag Quilt Club in Davis,IL went to the Tomah Veteran Hospital to present quilts.

This venture started way back earlier in the year when I was asked to help them get quilts ready to present for Veterans day. The club made the quilts and I quilted most of them. A couple of ladies from the club also quilted. These quilts were going to their Hall of Hero recipients. They had 14 members and would add another 2 this year. All well and good - most of these men have received Purple Hearts and numerous other medals and commendations. They had indeed served our country in a time of war. Well, I did not get the list until the middle/end of October and found that some of these members were either KIA (Killed in Action) OR deceased. Because the commitment had already been made I went ahead with the presentation and you know I am glad I did. I know we give quilts to those who are touched by war. Well believe me when you give a wife of a serviceman who gave his life during one of our wars this quilt, it meant the world to her and to another family who lost their brother in WWII this quilt meant recognition for his life now given to his country. So while I broke the rules I am here to tell you that in this case I feel very good about it.

I have learned that in the future when asked about quilts I will make it clear that the quilts are given to those touched by war but in a way that they will accept and understand.

I have received so many notes of thanks from this group of veterans. I think this is because they are an older generation and remember that writing a Thank you note is proper. These notes were not expected but I will treasure them always.

It was such a pleasure to provide these quilts and see the faces of the men who said I was just doing my duty and I wanted to serve. I received the nicest compliment to date from Laura who coordinated this program. She told me in an email that she had so many people tell her that they found the information I shared on Quilts of Valor and the presentation to be the best part of the program.. Guess I can't do any better than that. So the pleasure was all mine and I was so proud to give these Quilts of Valor to these wonderful men who served our country.
Vixanna "Vicki" Robbel

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