Thank you!

Thank you!
Thank a Veteran each and every day

Thursday, March 22, 2012

9, 4, 2 and some fabric!

Enough cannot be said about the "pick ups" I get from Prairie Shop Quilts. I get a call from Bonita or an email saying, "there's some quilts here for you". So yesterday on my way to set up at the Sewing Expo, I stopped in to pick up what she had and on my drive over to Caron's, I was ILLEGAL! I could not see out my back window! There were 9 completed quilts, 4 tops for quilting, 2 quilt tops completed and now need the binding and label attached, the "body" bag ---batting, thank you, and a box of fabric. I get a lot of these "boxes and bags" of fabric with no name on them, so thank you!!

Can't help remembering when someone said, "we don't get many tops from Illinois". Well, they should see us now! Yesterday at the Expo Hall, we were setting up and this gentleman came by telling about a new line of Stonehedge coming out in August--I think he said it's a patriotic panel. Then he said, "Do you take donations!"...YEAH! So, we love our troops; we love our Country. I's not about politics!!!

On a personal note: After quilting for QOV for 8 years now, just found out we have a family member over in Afghanistan. Sam, my husband's cousin's son is there. So, with lots of prayers, we keep on quilting! Can't wait to present him with a QOV on his return.

oh, btw, I didn't drive all the way to the Center without seeing out my back window.
I don't have permission to use her name, but keep one of our own in your prayers as she's undergoing surgery tomorrow.

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