Thank you!

Thank you!
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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

We were stripping!!!

Ok, admit it, you were all having fun with them strips!  I cannot wait to see the different color combinations!!  A big thank you to the trimmers...the pressers.  I tell you I found out how much I love our pressers when I was doing the New Years Day challenge!!  Again, we had a couple newbies!!  LOVE when that happens.

So, with hubby's help, I've unloaded the car and the results are:  10 finished--completely quilted and bound-- quilts!!  5 tops...I think a couple were left at the shop for quilting, but not sure.  I came home with 3 quilts needing binding, but I know some of you took some home and some were left at the shop for our "angels" who come in and ask for binding.  Can't beat that, huh! 

ok, I'm bubbling with some good news!!  We have been invited back to the Schaumburg Sewing Expo!!  It's going to be run a little different.  We will have a booth and for a certain amount of time each day (I believe), we will be in the "sew and go" area!  I don't know if that's the actual name but get this...Marianne Fons is going to be there as our cheerleader!!!  Cheryl, thank you for asking about this show and offering to start making the squares we use for fundraising.  We will need more volunteers to man the booth..oh, the dates:  April 4, 5 and 6th.  Might have to have help in making up some kits.  Will know more when I hear from Marianne.  So, save the date and let me know which day/days you want to be there.

I will post pictures taken today during our Show and Tell ..haha when I find my camera :)
We had a very good showing today.  Thank you all for showing up and getting it done!!!

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