Thank you!

Thank you!
Thank a Veteran each and every day

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

We're getting them done!

Had another nice sew-in in Yorkville at Sewing Etc. yesterday.  While only two worked on the new-to-us pattern, others were finishing up projects.  Also in the works are the projects for the next few months.  Which brings me to letting you know we will be getting together on Monday for cutting and kitting.  You like coming to the sew-in with a kit awaiting...well, this is where it's done.  We start at 10 and usually don't go much past noon.  We could use your help...bring along an Accu cutter and dies if you have one, your rotary cutter and scissors ..oh and ruler.  I hope to remember to bring along an extra iron..we could use a couple pressers, too.

I got word that we are having a booth at the Farmers Market on August 31.  We are teaming up with the group that is working on the ceremonies for the Moving Wall (Vietnam) coming to Aurora this Veterans Day week, website:   (  This is probably the last weekend for selling chances on our "Opportunity Quilt", so if you can come out and help me that Saturday morning, I thank you! Set up is at 6:30 AM  and the Farmers market is open till noon.  I believe we are having a presentation that morning...always neat to witness.

Speaking of the fundraising quilt....bring in your chances and money.  The drawing for this quilt is October 1st.

Don't forget to get started on making your 12 " (finished) star block.  I have these prizes I'd like for you to have.  Again, any pattern you wish to use as long as it is a 12 1/2 block/12" finished in patriotic colors.  These blocks are due before the December sew-in.

I recall a few of you offered to help sort strips.  Also heard yesterday that more are on the way.  We have a couple "strip" sew-ins scheduled for October, so if we could sort before then...wonderful!  BUT before October, if you can pick up some strips to straighten..THAT would be simply Marvelous!!

Oh, almost forgot....  We are invited back to the Veterans Breakfast,  Thursday, August 29 at Grandmas Table in Montgomery.  Another presentation...  That's at 7 AM

So, hope to see you Monday at Sewing Etc., Yorkville...10 AM...

PS...Some thank yous!
Thank you Martha for your work on the labels.  Martha was our "newbie" last month and just jumped the bandwagon and got it done! 

Thank you, Jane S for the note cards.  They are awesome!  Never dreamed of having something like this.   I hope you are back and feeling better soon. Again, Jane S, a newbie last month and just "knew" someone who could.  Love networking!!!  We now have these neat cards to insert with our quilts.

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