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Thank you!
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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Glenda's notes on Presentation at RWW

This past weekend my husband, Bill, and I had the privilege to travel to Kansas City Missouri to attend the Navy Returning Warrior Workshop. Upon arrival, our first challenge was to "sneak" 85 quilts past the military group that was milling in the entry lounge area and get them safely and secretly tucked away in a secure room.  After two luggage cart trips, three large bed sheets, and lots of laughter, we managed to accomplish our task. 
The evening banquet was a truly memorable event. We had a delicious meals followed by a host of heartfelt presentations.  I will say that no presentation got more attention than mine, the Quilts of Valor presentation. I was moved to tears when, upon my final words, I received a standing ovation in appreciation. The military men and women, who were draped in their new beautiful gifts, reached out to hug me and shake my hand.  It was an awesome moment. All you amazing Quilts of Valor volunteers deserve to feel the deep level of emotions that were felt this evening. I am so blessed to have had this experience. 

Glenda P 

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