Thank you!

Thank you!
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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Tuesday Sew INS Reminder Notice

Tuesday again!!!   We meet at Prairie Shop Quilts in Batavia.  Priscilla has a pattern to show you.  Need to put out a reminder that the MINIMUM size of a QOV is 55 x 65 (take into consideration that the tops tends to "shrink" a bit during the quilting process, so maybe add an inch or two on each side).  I've picked up tops from the shop not meeting this criteria and  coupled with the fact they're left without a name, it's a challenge adding a border with fabric we have.  NOT that I'm not grateful for the tops, just hoping to remind you of the size.  Also, I appreciate that we're not getting as many "feminine" looking quilts...thank you.  Trust me, the ladies prefer "what the guys get".

Also, we have some eager students at Cowherd Middle School wanting to make a QOV.  Love to pass on to our next generation the importance of our Veterans.  So, if you're able to help me...could use some sewing machines, maybe a seam ripper or two :)'s until 4:30.  We will meet at Cowherd Middle School, 441 N Farnsworth Ave., Aurora, at 2:30.  The teacher was telling me that if we get there by 2:30, we'll be in line to get in cause parents start lining up!  So, enter on Grove Street, go around the school to the North side parking lot and enter through Door #1.. or wait a bit and maybe we can meet up in the parking lot and enter together.  That'll give us time to set up.  Drop me a line so as to let me know if I'm going to get any takers on this, please!

Thank you....See you Tuesday
PS...Who was the person who asked for the 1/2 sq triangles I have?  I'd be happy to bring those along as well....just forgot who said they would put them into a top.

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